Feb 22, 2024

Cloudtech's Approach to People-Centric Data Modernization for Mid-Market Leaders

Engineering leaders at mid-market organizations are facing a significant challenge: managing complex data systems while juggling rapid growth and outdated technologies. Many of these organizations left their former on-premises ecosystems for greener pastures in the cloud without fully understanding the impact of this change. This shift has created issues from higher-than-expected cloud costs to engineers who are unprepared to turn over control to cloud providers. These new challenges are not only highly technical but also deeply human, affecting teams and processes at every level. Cloudtech understands these challenges and addresses them with a unique approach combining a people-centric focus paired with an iterative delivery mechanism ensuring transparency throughout the entire engagement.

Embracing a People-Centric Approach

At the heart of Cloudtech's philosophy is a simple truth: technology should serve people, not the other way around. This people-centric approach begins with a deep understanding of the needs, challenges, and capabilities of your team. Based on our findings, we are able to create customized solutions to fit your organization’s data infrastructure modernization goals. By focusing on this human aspect, Cloudtech ensures that our solutions don't just solve technical problems but also support and empower the people who spend their lives ensuring organizations have the right technology solutions to grow and support business needs. 

Iterative, Tangible Improvements

Our “base hits” approach terminology comes from baseball, where base hits, though seemingly small, lead to significant victories. Cloudtech adopts a similar philosophy when we engage with our customers. This base hits approach is about consistent, manageable progress that accumulates over time. For your team, this means a sense of continuous achievement and motivation, allowing you to measure progress at every stage. 

A Different Kind of Company 

At Cloudtech, we are redefining the essence of professional services in the cloud industry. Our foundation is built on the expertise of engineering leaders who intimately understand the pressures of the role. Our mission is to assist mid-market companies to get the most out of their data, helping them centralize and modernize their data infrastructure to improve decision making and prepare them for a Generative AI future. We accomplish this by leveraging AWS serverless solutions to help our customers improve operational efficiency, reduce infrastructure management and lower their cloud costs. 

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