re:Invent your cloud with AW Serverless

Fuel innovation and boost engineering productivity without day-to-day infrastructure management

re:invent with aws serverless

We are proud to work exclusively with AWS

We have competencies in 12 AWS Services, 10 of which have a Serverless configuration.

AWS DynamoDB PartnersAWS Lambda PartnersAWS API Gateway PartnerAWS OpenSearch PartnersAWS Glue Delivery PartnerAWS Redshift PartnerAWS Kinesis PartnerAWS CloudFormation Partners

Our Services

Take your AWS cloud experience to the next level by leveraging the Cloudtech 5-star (TM) Delivery

Serverless Readiness Assessment

Serverless Readiness Assessment

Well Architected


Serverless Data Processing

Serverless Data Processing

Serverless Data Analytics

Serverless Data Analytics

Modern Application Development

Modern Application Development

End User Computing  Serverless

End User Computing  Serverless

Our Story

The story behind our company

Founded by AWS Certified professionals with over a decade of experience in numerous cloud projects, Cloudtech emerged in 2022 with a vision.

We recognized the transformative potential of AWS Serverless services, not only in reshaping infrastructure but in enhancing the lives of cloud engineers.

Our mission at Cloudtech is to streamline and elevate the work of cloud engineers, freeing them from backend constraints, fueling their creativity and efficiency.

About our firm

Our impact in numbers

AWS Certified Engineers
Leadership from AWS
Cloud Consulting Engagements
Total AWS Designation, 10 Serverless

Our Process


1. Assess

Gauge your business needs


2. Design

Address technical challenges


3. Build

Craft the ideal technical solution


4. Deliver

Achieve your business objectives

Our Advantages

Cloudtech has customer focus as part of our DNA stemming from our deep ties with AWS.

Base hits approach

Cloud modernization broken into bite size engagements

Lean Agile Teams

Small nimble teams only so they can remain agile throughout

Serverless expertise

Our solutions are built using a Serverless- first approach

Experienced cloud professionals

 Only experienced staff on all projects 

Lockstep with AWS team

We integrate seamlessly with your AWS team to accelerate the development process

Customer-centric approach

We focus on tailored solutions built around our customers